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Revitalising the wind power induced merit order effect to reduce wholesale and retail electricity prices in Australia

This paper investigates the effect of increasing the number of wind turbine generators on wholesale spot prices in the Australian National Electricity Market's (NEM), given the existing transmission grid, from 2014 to 2025.

Climate change related risks and opportunities: a toolbox for organisations

This presentation provides a toolbox of five tools for organisations to start their climate change related strategy, financial disclosure and risk management. The toolbox was presented to the Governance and Risk Management Forum in Brisbane on the 8th June 2018.

Inclusive growth and climate change adaptation and mitigation in Australia and China: removing barriers to solving wicked problems

This reports aims to assist the Sino-Australian bilateral relationship adapt to meet China’s new carbon emissions policies and to facilitate a smoother transition to a low carbon future.
Journal article

Using solar PV feed-in tariff policy history to inform a sustainable flexible pricing regime to enhance the diffusion of energy storage and electric vehicles

The aim of this paper is to analyses residential solar PV feed-in tariffs (FiT) policy history to inform the development of a sustainable flexible pricing regime to enhance the diffusion of energy storage, electric vehicles, solar PV installations and other distributed resources focusing on the...
Technical report

Australian National Electricity Market Model - version 1.10

This working paper provides details of the Australian National Electricity Market (ANEM) model version 1.10 used in the research project titled: An investigation of the impacts of increased power supply to the national grid by wind generators on the Australian electricity industry. The paper provides...
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