Dexter Whitfield


Equitable recovery strategies

This report outlines a longer-term policy programme, which includes Green and Integrated Public Healthcare System Deals, which should be an integral part of global economic recovery or stimulus plans.

Alternative to private finance of the welfare state: a global analysis of Social Impact Bond, Pay-for-Success and Development Impact Bond projects

Overview Social impact bond projects are the latest new ‘buy-now, pay later’, off-balance sheet schemes to increase private finance of public services and the welfare state, driven by austerity policies and neoliberal ideology. They are a complex venture capitalist model applied to the provision of...

Unmasking austerity - lessons for Australia

Description Austerity policies have fuelled the fire of recession rather than stimulated growth. As a consequence nearly 5.5 million young people are now out of work in Europe and unemployment has reached crisis levels. This is the first of three papers that will examine austerity...