Jonathon Hutchinson

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Australia's cybersecurity future(s)

This report uses scenario analysis to examine a world where cyberspace is fragmented in the year 2024.

Memo to Michelle Guthrie: expert ideas for the new ABC era

The ABC’s new managing director, Michelle Guthrie, has been in the job for just over a week. The Conversation asked a group of media experts to consider how Guthrie might re-shape the ABC's future: from enhancing news and current affairs coverage, to investing in local...
Journal article

Communication models of institutional online communities: the role of the ABC cultural intermediary

The co-creation of cultural artefacts has been democratised given the recent technological affordances of information and communication technologies. Web 2.0 technologies have enabled greater possibilities of citizen inclusion within the media conversations of their nations. For example, the Australian audience has more opportunities to collaboratively...