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Damian Sullivan


Power pain: an investigation of energy stress in Australia

Many people in Australia struggle to afford the energy they need for their wellbeing. This report investigates the scale of the problem of energy stress and identifies policy implications.

Fuel poverty, household income and energy spending: an empirical analysis for Australia using HILDA data

As energy prices in Australia have risen, so has concern about the impact on people’s wellbeing. This Brotherhood of St Laurence study considers how to define and measure the extent of fuel poverty in Australia, comparing results based on income and energy expenditure with results...
Conference paper

The power to save: an equity analysis of the Victorian Energy Saver Incentive in Melbourne

This paper presents results of an equity analysis of impacts of the Victorian Energy Saver Incentive (VESI) scheme and shows the extent to which savings are being achieved in relatively disadvantaged and advantaged areas of Melbourne.

Improving the energy efficiency of homes in Moreland

This study investigated the impact of energy audits and retrofits for households that took part in the Warm Home Cool Home (WHCH) and Concession Assist (CA) programs in several northern suburbs of Melbourne. The two programs aimed to address cost, information and trust barriers faced...