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Tim Acker


The big picture 3

This report provides an updated overview of trends in arts and culture expenditure by governments in Australia between the years of 2007–08 and 2020–21. The research draws on a new release of Australia’s most comprehensive dataset on this topic - the cultural funding by governments...

Somewhere in the world: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art and its place in the global art market

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art is a distinctive feature of Australia’s cultural and creative landscape and a sizeable component of Australian identity. While the political dimensions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art remain much contested, the aesthetic and economic aspects are better established...

The Art Economies Value Chain reports: Update on Art Centre Finances 2013/14–2014/15

Art Centre finances are recovering: There are signs of a sustained recovery in sales in Art Centres. However, most Art Centres are very small businesses, with limited resources to deal with shocks and change. While around half of all Art Centres trade at a loss...

Artists outside art centres

Summary of findings: Stability: Around 90% of independent Aboriginal artists have been working for five years or more and many for over 20 years. Modest production and sales: Most artists work part time, with low levels of sales. In the week before their interviews, three-quarters...

The Art Economies Value Chain reports: synthesis

The analysis of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander visual art value chain has been divided into four reports and this overarching synthesis. Each report focuses on important economic, social and trade issues in the art value chain.