Catherine Taylor

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Cate Taylor, Catherine Louise Taylor
Journal article

School readiness is more than the child: a latent class analysis of child, family, school and community aspects of school readiness

This study highlights the importance of family, school and community factors when considering school readiness.
Working paper

Does retirement lead to life satisfaction? Causal evidence from Fixed Effect Instrumental Variable models

This paper presents robust evidence that retirement causally improves overall life satisfaction which is subsequently explained by improvements in satisfaction with one’s financial situation, free time, health, and participation in local community activities.
Journal article

Associations between clusters of early life risk factors and developmental vulnerability at age 5: a retrospective cohort study using population-wide linkage of administrative data in Tasmania, Australia

Early childhood is a critical time to address risk factors associated with developmental vulnerability. This study investigates the associations between clusters of early life risk factors and developmental vulnerability in children’s first year of full-time school at age 5.
Working paper

Outreach in early years services: a systematic review

The main finding from this systematic review was that there is a scarcity of studies reporting on the effectiveness of outreach activities to improve child outcomes in the early years.
Journal article

Multiple risk exposures for reading achievement in childhood and adolescence

This research looks at the interaction of complex risk factors as determinants of children's measured reading ability, and makes some recommendations on how to best address these issues.