Vicki-Ann Ware


Housing strategies that improve Indigenous health outcomes

This review primarily explores the links between housing quality and health outcomes, the mechanisms by which housing influences health outcomes, and a range of practices that can improve the condition of Indigenous housing.

Mentoring programs for Indigenous youth at risk

Introduction This Resource Sheet examines evidence for the effectiveness of mentoring programs in helping to set Indigenous young people at risk of engaging in antisocial and risky behaviours on healthier life pathways. Mentoring is a relationship intervention strategy that research is showing can have powerful...

Improving access to urban and regional early childhood services

This resource sheet focuses on how to improve access to early childhood services located in metropolitan regions and large country towns where the majority of Indigenous people live. However, many studies do not differentiate urban from remote geographic contexts in reporting on effective strategies. Therefore...

What works to overcome Indigenous disadvantage: key learnings and gaps in the evidence 2010-11

This paper provides policy makers with key findings about what works, and assesses the gaps in the evidence for the following three of the seven COAG building blocks that were the focus of the Clearinghouse in Year 2: • Early childhood• Healthy homes• Governance and...