Evelyn Goh


Is a ‘grand bargain’ the way forward in Northeast Asia?

The regional order in Asia that emerged after the Second World War and was marked by US power and leadership, is disintegrating — along with the various “grand bargains” that were forged among various regional players over the years. The rise of China and its...

The dynamics of US-China-Southeast Asia relations

Forging an effective U.S strategy in Southeast Asia starts with understanding the region from the inside out. Only with deep knowledge of the goals, perceptions, hopes, and intentions of Southeast Asian countries themselves can Washington craft policies that further U.S national interests, help stabilise the...

A strategy towards Indonesia

This special Centre of Gravity paper features three contributions on Indonesia and its changing relationship with Australia and the world. Evelyn Goh, Greg Fealy and Ristian Atriandi Supriyanto examine the changes in Indonesian foreign policy under President Joko Widodo and pressing challenges such as terrorism...

Ringing in a new order? Hegemony, hierarchy, and transition in East Asia

Executive summary Regional institutions have been created not only to socialise China, but also to legitimise the United States’ continuing role in East Asia. East Asian regionalism poses a limited challenge to the US-led global order. There remains significant regional demand for the US to...