Ristian Atriandi Supriyanto


Defence White Paper 2016: The Strategist decides

The 2016 Defence White Paper (DWP 2016), released in February this year, was the third such document in a little under seven years—a notably shorter interval than has been the case since the release of the first back in 1976.

A strategy towards Indonesia

This special Centre of Gravity paper features three contributions on Indonesia and its changing relationship with Australia and the world. Evelyn Goh, Greg Fealy and Ristian Atriandi Supriyanto examine the changes in Indonesian foreign policy under President Joko Widodo and pressing challenges such as terrorism...

Waves of opportunity: enhancing Australia-Indonesia maritime security cooperation

Overview: Maritime security cooperation between Australia and Indonesia is important because of our geographical proximity and common interests. With recently-installed President Joko Widodo proclaiming Indonesia as the ‘World Maritime Axis’, there’s great momentum for Australia and Indonesia to enhance maritime security cooperation. This paper looks...