Ross Babbage


Countering comprehensive coercion: competitive strategies against authoritarian political warfare

The Chinese and Russian governments are currently waging political warfare against the United States and its allies. This report offers policymakers, scholars, and the public a better understanding of the threat faced.

Countering China’s adventurism in the South China Sea: strategy options for the Trump Administration

This report argues that it is time for the U.S. and its close allies to clarify their goals in this theatre and develop a coherent strategy to counter China’s expansionist operations.

Defence White Paper 2016: The Strategist decides

The 2016 Defence White Paper (DWP 2016), released in February this year, was the third such document in a little under seven years—a notably shorter interval than has been the case since the release of the first back in 1976.

Reviews and contestability: new directions for Defence

Overview: The First Principles Review of Defence is arguably the most significant review of the defence establishment since the 1973 re-organisation led by Sir Arthur Tange. This Strategic Insights brings together a series of contributions to ASPI’s blog The Strategist written by ten experts with...
Journal article

Reform in Defence? Governance, decision-making and policy formulation

Abstract The 2013 White Paper talks a great deal about reform in Defence. It is notable, however, that the areas of reform that are discussed relate primarily to processes of accountability, planning, reporting, consultation and reviewing. Some advances have been made in these fields. However...