Graeme Dobell


An informed and independent voice

To mark its establishment in August 2001, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute has published this intellectual history of its work over two decades. The story of how the institute did that job is told by ASPI’s journalist fellow, Graeme Dobell. He writes that ASPI has...

Australia's Pacific pivot: destiny, duty, denial and desire

Australia’s new Pacific policy is set in place, no matter which side wins the May 18 election. On Pacific policy, Labor and Liberal entered the election with a unity ticket that ASPI calls the Pacific pivot. In this report, ASPI examines the origins and aspirations...

Hard news and free media as the sharp edge of Australian soft power

Australia's international broadcasting service should be rebuilt to become again an important foreign policy instrument, to promote Australia's interests, influence and values in the Asia-Pacific, according to this report.

Australia as an ASEAN community partner

The ASEAN–Australia summit in Sydney in March is the launch point for a discussion of what much closer cooperation could mean for the future of the ASEAN Community.

More than submarines: new dimensions in the Australia–France strategic partnership

This compendium examines the France–Australia relationship, bringing together experts from each country to explore our shared histories and plot a course for where we might take the relationship in the future.