Jacinta Carroll

Policy report

The citizen as enemy combatant: dealing with foreign terrorist fighters

Foreign terrorist fighters are a complex problem - some are both perpetrators and victims of terrorism. This policy paper argues that Australian counter-terrorism officials should publicise Australia’s approach to foreign fighters and use case studies to illustrate the range of roles, including women and children...

More than submarines: new dimensions in the Australia–France strategic partnership

This compendium examines the France–Australia relationship, bringing together experts from each country to explore our shared histories and plot a course for where we might take the relationship in the future.
Discussion paper

Marawi and after: how Australia can help

Based on a consultative workshop held in Canberra on 3 August 2017, this paper offers options for the Australian government to help reduce the threat posed by Islamic State aligned groups in the Philippines.

CT quick look: Manchester Arena bombing, 22 May 2017

This guide suggests that examines the Manchester Arena and argues that Western countries remain vulnerable to terrorism that exploits radicalised local nationals, trained and directed from overseas, targeting mass gathering events.

Operation Marksburg and CT arrest in Young, 28 February 2017

Overview On 28 February 2017, 42-year-old Australian national Haisem Zahab was arrested and charged with foreign incursion offences for allegedly assisting Islamic State (IS). He was reportedly seeking to develop defensive technology to detect coalition laser-guided munitions in Iraq and Syria and to develop offensive...