Helen Breen

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Helen M. Breen
Discussion paper

Indigenous Australians and gambling

Summary: This paper synthesises information published about Indigenous Australian gambling, and summarises issues and implications for key stakeholders. It is relevant for raising awareness and promoting community education about gambling for Indigenous Australians. Key messages
Journal article

Gambling among Indigenous men and problem gambling risk factors: an Australian study

Abstract: This paper aims to analyse the gambling activities and problem gambling risk factors for Indigenous Australian men, a topic which has previously drawn very little research attention. Using quantitative methods, we obtained a convenience sample of 1,259 women and men at Indigenous festivals, online...
Journal article

Gambling impacts on Aboriginal communities in New South Wales, Australia: community leaders’ perspectives

This article finds that some culturally distinctive positive and negative gambling impacts are being experienced across different Aboriginal communities. Abstract
Conference paper

A Profile of Problem Gambling Clients in Northern NSW

This paper analyses the first four and a half years of client data from the Northern Rivers Gambling Service (NRGS), an outpatient gambling counselling and education service operated by The Buttery in the Northern Rivers region of NSW. Because the NRGS provides the vast majority...