Angela Rintoul


The relationship between gambling and intimate partner violence against women

This qualitative study investigated the relationship between gambling and violence by men against their female intimate partners. It also found that further gambling-related harm (including economic abuse) is enabled by current protocols of gambling operators and financial institutions.

Modernising harm prevention for gambling in Australia: international lessons for public health policy and improved regulation of gambling

This report provides a summary of key public health lessons that could be considered to improve gambling regulation in Australia.

Gambling in suburban Australia

This report presents a novel mixed-methods study of a social phenomenon that has not yet been well explored: the relationships between place, social circumstances, gambling and harm. It compares two socially distinct areas of a major city (Melbourne, Victoria) to identify a range of issues...
Discussion paper

Pre-commitment systems for electronic gambling machines: preventing harm and improving consumer protection

This paper argues that well-designed electronic pre-commitment system can prevent and reduce harm from Electronic Gambling Machines (EGM) use.

Review of electronic gaming machine pre-commitment features: transaction history statements

This report synthesises existing evidence and opinions from regulators, academics, government officials and electronic gaming machines (EGM) venue operators relating to the optimum design of transaction history statement features within an EGM pre-commitment system in order to increase consumer protection and reduce harm.