Kerry Brown

Briefing paper

Taiwan’s geopolitical challenges and domestic choices: a state of ambiguity

This briefing considers heightened tensions in the region and the Trump administration’s more forceful China Policy in the context of recent developments within Taiwan’s domestic politics, the current status of its relationship with the US and China, and its efforts to increase its presence in...
Discussion paper

Australia-China healthcare opportunities

One of China’s two millennial goals, which mark the hundredth anniversary of the establishment of the Communist Party, is to complete a transition to what it calls a ‘middle income’ country by 2020-21. A key challenge will be to achieve a good, all round living...

Hong Kong: the crack in the door

Whatever the outcome of the current battle, Hong Kong’s protesters have the advantage in the longer-term war for rights and freedoms Once upon a time, pompous British bureaucrats working on Hong Kong policy before the handback of the city to China in 1997 would haughtily...

China’s networked leadership

After a rocky transition to a new set of leaders, China faces an uncertain future. Is the Chinese Communist Party guided by a utopian vision borrowed from Mao Zedong, striving to push society towards becoming a Socialist heaven on earth? Or are its values pragmatic...
Journal article

The innovation potential of living-labs to strengthen small and medium enterprises in regional Australia

The small and medium enterprise (SME) sector has been the major source of well-being and employment opportunities in regional Australia. Consequently, fostering the innovative capacity of SMEs in regions that are struggling to grow their economies and distribute the growth fairly while not degrading the...