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Greg Martin


An overview of Indigenous mental health and suicide prevention in Australia

This report provides essential information and statistics on mental health, suicide and self-harm among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. It outlines contemporary Australian policy responses and directions, and risks and protective factors for mental health and suicide prevention. It also explores evidence of best...

Disparities in age of smoking initiation and transition to daily smoking in New Zealand

This report explores the age of smoking initiation and transition into daily smoking using a nationally representative sample of New Zealanders aged 15 years and over. The study examined the mean age of smoking initiation and transition into daily smoking as a whole and by...

E-cigarette use and perceptions among current and ex-smokers in New Zealand

This report is based on data about e-cigarettes in the 2017/18 New Zealand Smoking Monitor (NZSM) from 1,099 respondents.

Women and drink driving

While there is a lot of work around drink-driving, it generally focuses on young men and the risk they pose to themselves and to others. There is no doubt that young men are the most concerning demographic. However, with the on-going publicity around young women...