Patricia Menendez


Lockouts and last drinks: the impact of the January 2014 liquor licence reforms on assaults in NSW, Australia

This study finds that the January 2014 reforms appear to have reduced the incidence of assault in the Kings Cross and CBD entertainment precincts. Abstract Aims: To determine (1) whether the January 2014 reforms to the NSW Liquor Act reduced the incidence of assault in...

The effect of liquor licence concentrations in local areas on rates of assault in New South Wales

This paper argues that regulatory authorities should be concerned about increases in liquor outlet density. Abstract Aim: To investigate the relationship between liquor licence concentrations and assault rates in Local Government Areas (LGAs) in New South Wales. Method: Police, liquor licensing and socio-demographic data were...

The effect of suspended sentences on imprisonment

This study finds that although suspended sentences were introduced as an alternative to prison, in New South Wales they appear to have had the opposite effect. Abstract Aim: To see whether the introduction of suspended sentences reduced the number of offenders receiving a fulltime sentence...