Nicole Mahoney


Did the ‘lockout law’ reforms increase assaults at The Star casino, Pyrmont?

Aim: To examine trends in non-domestic assault in Pyrmont and The Star casino since the February 2014 reforms contained in the Liquor Amendment Act 2014 (popularly known as the ‘lockout laws’) were implemented in central Sydney. Method: Time series analysis, police narrative analysis. Results: The...

The effect of liquor licence concentrations in local areas on rates of assault in New South Wales

This paper argues that regulatory authorities should be concerned about increases in liquor outlet density. Abstract Aim: To investigate the relationship between liquor licence concentrations and assault rates in Local Government Areas (LGAs) in New South Wales. Method: Police, liquor licensing and socio-demographic data were...

Trends in property and illicit drug crime around the Medically Supervised Injecting Centre in Kings Cross: 2012 update

Aim: The Medically Supervised Injecting Centre (MSIC) opened in Kings Cross in May 2001. This paper examines whether there have been: (i) increases in the volume of robbery, theft and illicit drug offences in Kings Cross Local Area Command (LAC) up until December 2012 or...