Aaron Connelly

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Aaron L. Connelly

Autopilot: East Asia policy under Trump

Despite President Donald Trump’s promise to adopt an America First foreign policy, US policies in East Asia — on issues from trade, to diplomatic engagement, to the North Korean nuclear crisis — now more closely resemble those of Trump’s predecessors than his campaign vision.

Southeast Asian perspectives on US–China competition

In order to explore and elevate Southeast Asian perspectives on US–China competition, the Lowy Institute and the Council on Foreign Relations convened nearly two dozen Southeast Asian scholars and policymakers from around the region to discuss their perspectives.

Indonesia in the South China Sea: going it alone

While Indonesia under Jokowi can be expected to continue to take unilateral action to reinforce the Indonesian position around the Natuna Islands, Jokowi has not played an active diplomatic role on the broader South China Sea issue. In the longer term, Indonesia is better off...
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Joko Widodo's Indonesia: control and reform

President Joko Widodo will not be able to achieve his ambitious development goals without foreign investment, but the measures he must take to encourage foreign investment will upset Indonesians' nationalist sensibilities. Key findings: The greatest success of Jokowi’s administration has been the way in which...

Congress and Asia-Pacific policy: dysfunction and neglect

Examines the role of the US Congress in policy toward the Asia-Pacific region. Key findings While partisan gridlock in Congress has hindered the execution of US foreign policy overall, it has disproportionately affected US policy towards the Asia Pacific because the region has had few...