Nicholas Gruen


Evidence based policy: why is progress so slow and what can be done about it?

Dr Nicholas Gruen, Lateral Economics CEO, presents his views on the slow pace of change surrounding the greater adoption of the concept of evidence-based policy.

Open research data: report to the Australian National Data Service (ANDS)

This study offers conservative estimates of the value and benefits to Australia of making publicly-funded research data freely available, and examines the role and contribution of data repositories and associated infrastructure.

Open for business: how open data can help achieve the G20 growth target

This report illustrates the potential economic value of reinvigorating the open data agenda in Australia and the G20.

Exceptional industries: the economic contribution to Australia of industries relying on limitations and exceptions to copyright

This study explores the contribution to Australia’s economy of all these industries and compares that with their contribution in other countries. It also examines the balance between the contribution made by the content industries with the contribution of those other industries that rely on limitations...

Excepting the future

This report makes the economic case for flexible copyright exceptions and extended safe harbour provisions.