Australian National Data Service


Australian National Data Service NCRIS and ARDC EIF final report 2009-2014

Data infrastructures are being put in place through the investments made by the Australian Government. As a result, Australian researchers increasingly have access to excellent research data, institutional infrastructure to help them manage that data, national infrastructure to help them publish, store, discover, and use...

Open research data: report to the Australian National Data Service (ANDS)

This study offers conservative estimates of the value and benefits to Australia of making publicly-funded research data freely available, and examines the role and contribution of data repositories and associated infrastructure.

Publishing and sharing sensitive data

Sensitive data has often been excluded from discussions about data publication and sharing. It was believed that sharing sensitive data is not ethical or that it is too difficult to do safely. This opinion has changed with greater understanding and use of methods to ‘de-sensitise’...

Ethics, consent and data sharing

This guide is about sharing research data and is intended for those engaged in research involving human subjects which is subject to ethics approval, and for those with a role to play in the Human Research Ethics Committees which oversee the research.

Costs and benefits of data provision: report to the Australian National Data Service

The study was undertaken by Professor John Houghton, a prominent economist and researcher in the 'open access' field. What characterises this report as being different from some previous efforts, is that it is focused on the costs and benefits to the organisation, the users and...