Australian Research Data Commons


Research data rights management guide

This guide helps researchers and data managers choose an appropriate licence for research data via the data rightsholder’s/creators flowchart. It walks them through what to consider when using data not owned or created by the researcher, and how to ensure appropriate licences on data that...

Australian National Data Service NCRIS and ARDC EIF final report 2009-2014

Data is crucial to most research, and, increasingly, research is data-intensive. New discoveries are being made by looking for data patterns from colliders and telescopes. A huge number of researchers have shared genetic data in an unprecedented way to map the human genome, leading to...

Publishing and sharing sensitive data

Sensitive data has often been excluded from discussions about data publication and sharing. It was believed that sharing sensitive data is not ethical or that it is too difficult to do safely. This opinion has changed with greater understanding and use of methods to ‘de-sensitise’...

Costs and benefits of data provision: report to the Australian National Data Service

In 2011 ANDS commissioned the Centre for Strategic Economic Studies at Victoria University of Technology to examine the costs and benefits of public sector organisations making their data (Public Sector Information or PSI) freely available. The study was undertaken by Professor John Houghton, a prominent...