George Williams


Duel citizens and the postal survey: what might the High Court say?

George Williams is Dean of Law at the University of New South Wales. This is the full text of his address to the National Press Club on 30 August 2017.
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The new terrorists: the normalisation and spread of anti-terror laws in Australia

This article explores the dynamic by which once exceptional measures become normalised and then extended to new extremes. Abstract Since September 11, Australia’s federal Parliament has enacted a range of exceptional measures aimed at preventing terrorism. These measures include control orders, which were not designed...

The High Court on constitutional law: the 2013 statistics

Introduction: This article presents statistical information about the High Court’s decision making for 2013 at both an institutional and individual level, with an emphasis on constitutional cases as a subset of the total. The results have been compiled using the same methodology employed in studies...
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A decade of Australian anti-terror laws

This article catalogues Australia’s record of enacting anti-terror laws since 9/11. With the benefit of perspective that a decade brings, it draws conclusions and identifies lessons about this body of law for the Australian legal system and the ongoing task of protecting the community from...

Working Together: Inquiry into options for a new national industrial relations system

This report stems from an inquiry into how to create a fair and harmonised national industrial relations system that appropriately balances the interests of employees and employers in partnership between the Commonwealth and New South Wales governments.