Mervyn Piesse

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Global food and water security in 2050: demographic change and increased demand

Ensuring that there is enough food to supply the demand that is expected to accompany population growth to 2050 is one of the major challenges of this century.

Global water supply and demand trends point towards rising water insecurity

This report argues that water conservation is the best option to reduce rising water stress, but is not viable in many instances. Other options, such as desalination, managed aquifer recharge and water recycling could reduce pressure on water sources, but are unlikely to prevent an...

Climate change threats to food and water security on Pacific atolls

This paper argues that while it is not entirely clear what the exact effects of climate change will be on the low-lying atoll countries of the South Pacific, it is likely that rising sea levels, driven at least in part by climate change, will weaken...

Meat flaps and turkey tails: Are fatty, cheap cuts of meat the cause of obesity in the South Pacific?

Obesity rates have risen faster in the South Pacific than anywhere else over the last 30 years and are expected to continue to increase for the foreseeable future. The importation of fatty, cheap cuts of meat is often blamed for the high prevalence of obesity...

International assistance to the Solomon Islands: is food and water security the highest priority?

This paper argues that food and water security is weak in the Solomon Islands, but due to the history of state breakdown and ethnic violence, most international development assistance seeks to address a wider range of issues.
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