Paul Prichard

Briefing paper

From consumer to partner: rethinking the parent/practitioner relationship

Early childhood provides a critical opportunity for early intervention and prevention, but barriers to accessing services prevent children and families – often those with the greatest need – from gaining their benefit. This policy brief focuses on the nature and importance of partnerships between parents...

Supporting Tasmania's child and family centres: the journey of change through a learning and development strategy

Changing the way services are delivered in order to improve educational, health and wellbeing outcomes for children is not achieved simply through new buildings and co-locating services. It requires developing shared understanding, a shared vision and a new culture of service delivery between services and...

Using the Family Partnership Model to engage communities

The Family Partnership Model (FPM) is an evidence-based approach to working with families that has played a central role in the inception, design, planning and delivery of 12 integrated Child and Family Centres (CFCs) in Tasmania. The Model is founded upon a respect for an...