Journal article

‘I’d like to think you could trust the government, but I don’t really think we can’: Australian women’s attitudes to and experiences of My Health Record

In this article, Deborah Lupton discusses findings from a larger qualitative project, Australian Women and Digital Health Project. This study sought to investigate Australian women’s experiences with digital health technologies, with a focus on My Health Record.

The Australian Women and Digital Health Project: comprehensive report of findings

This report provides a comprehensive overview of the findings from the Australian Women and Digital Health Project, a qualitative study involving a total of 66 women around Australia, ranging in age from 21 to 74.

Digital health in Australia: what works, and future directions

This report provides an overview of the outcomes of a stakeholder workshop exploring the potential of digital health technologies.

'What is happening with your body and your baby': Australian women's use of pregnancy and parenting apps

Previous research has found that pregnant women and women in the early years of parenthood now often turn to digital media sources of information and support. One recent form of digital media to which they have access is the mobile software applications (‘apps’) available for...
Conference paper

Self-tracking modes: reflexive self-monitoring and data practices

The concept of ‘self-tracking’ (also referred to as life-logging, the quantified self, personal analytics and personal informatics) has recently begun to emerge in discussions of ways in which people can voluntarily monitor and record specific features of their lives, often using digital technologies. There is...