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Bernard Salt


nbn S-ME time

This research shows Australian business owners are embracing access to fast broadband and cloud applications to help them save time and achieve a better work-life balance.

Super connected jobs: understanding Australia’s future workforce

This study has uncovered the distinct skill sets which represent Australia’s future jobs in the digital age and explores how the potential for universal access to fast broadband can shape the future workforce and liberate employees from the confines of set working hours or places.​​​​​​​

Towards a super connected Australia - GenNBN: understanding Australia's most connected generation

This report looks at the themes and the technologies that have been central to the making of the modern Australia lifestyle, from the time of Federation right through to today and beyond. It also investigates how the introduction of fast broadband could be the catalyst...

Boomers, brides and the seachange shift — property implications of demographic & cultural change in Australia

This presentation examined key demographic shifts, including sea-changing, and its effect on property.