Why are data speeds sometimes lower than what consumers were expecting? Is nbn to blame with its infamous CVC charge?

NBN Co's CEO has launched a blistering attack on the telecommunications industry, blaming an "overcompetitive" market and "land grab environment" for the slow speeds experienced by consumers.

nbn S-ME time

This research shows Australian business owners are embracing access to fast broadband and cloud applications to help them save time and achieve a better work-life balance. It reveals that although four in five (80%) Australian business owners agree work-life balance was the key motivation behind...

Gen nbn: 2020 and beyond

Australia is set to be the world’s most connected continent following the completion of the NBN rollout in 2020, according to new research released today. Developed by Western Sydney University, this report provides an in-depth analysis into how advancements in technology and nationwide access to...

The future of work: setting kids up for success

The future of work offers a heady mixture of excitement and promise as new ways of working become embedded in the economy, along with the worry of how and if each of us can make our way in a rapidly changing work landscape.
Annual Report

NBN Annual report 2015-2016

Provides an overview of NBN’s corporate information, purpose and goal, and the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer’s message. Provides comprehensive information on NBN’s strategic imperatives, operating model, performance, risk management and outlook as well as other information required under the Corporations Act 2001 for the...