The future of work offers a heady mixture of excitement and promise as new ways of working become embedded in the economy, along with the worry of how and if each of us can make our way in a rapidly changing work landscape.

The messages are many – “hundreds of jobs to go”, “automation making workers redundant”, “most of 2030’s jobs aren’t even thought of yet”. Making sense of these competing messages is difficult, and nbn has commissioned this report as a way of cutting through the complexity, and clarifying what to do to give our kids the best foundation for success in the future labour market.

This report identifies three key points needed for our kids to be successful in the future job market:

• The in-demand jobs will be mixing high tech, personal contact (‘touch’) and care activities;
• Kids will need a mix of both nerdy digital and soft personal skills for success in the 2030 job market; and
• Future jobs will be flexible, entrepreneurial and dynamic.

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