Julien Barbara

Journal article

Building inherently impactful research programs: the role of organizational context

Much impact research focuses on how individual scholars can influence policy outcomes, leading to recommendations about how individual researchers can be more entrepreneurial and engage with policy cycles in innovative ways. This article presents a case study on the experiences of the Department of Pacific...

Improving women’s electoral chances through an evidence-based approach

Abstract The Pacific Islands have the lowest level of female parliamentary representation of any region in the world, and electoral trends point to the very slow pace of change. There are 19 male members of parliament to every one female member in the region, compared...

The emergent middle classes in Timor-Leste and Melanesia: conceptual issues and developmental significance

The concept of an emerging middle class provides a useful entry point for understanding significant developmental and political transformations in Timor-Leste and Melanesia and is important for informing development policies. Overview The emergence of a middle class has been identified as an important factor driving...