Richard Williams


Identifying employment barriers for tertiary-educated Muslim Australian women

Women’s Health West and the University of Melbourne reviewed the current research regarding employment barriers for Muslim women and consulted with community women to learn more about their experiences as jobseekers. During these consultations, women described common barriers, including racial, religious and gender discrimination in...
Journal article

Two steps forward, one step back: achievements and limitations of university-community partnerships in addressing neighbourhood socioeconomic disadvantage

In this article, we discuss a university-community partnership that had broad goals to promote social, economic, educational and cultural links between the university and people living, working or studying in Carlton, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, with particular emphasis on engaging with disadvantaged and marginalised...

The shifting terrain of citizenship: a wayfarer’s guide

This report addresses researchers and others who are broadly interested in gaining a working understanding of concepts of citizenship to understand issues of social inequality.