Roxanne Bainbridge

Mob: Gunngari/Kunja nations in South-Western Queensland.

Journal article

Comparing and contrasting ‘innovation platforms’ with other forms of professional networks for strengthening primary healthcare systems for Indigenous Australians

This paper compares and contrasts the concept of innovation platforms with other types of networks that can be used in efforts to strengthen primary healthcare systems, such as communities of practice, practice-based research networks and quality improvement collaboratives.
Journal article

The Aboriginal Australian Family Wellbeing Program: a historical analysis of the conditions that enabled its spread

This study examined the scaling of the Aboriginal-developed Family Wellbeing (FWB) program, that spread nationally to sixty known sites and was delivered to more than 3,500 participants.
Literature review

Effectiveness of alcohol and other drug interventions in at-risk Aboriginal youth

This review was conducted to identify the most effective interventions to reduce the risk of alcohol and other drug (AOD) related harm among at-risk Aboriginal youth.

Cultural competency in the delivery of health services for Indigenous people

Aim and objectives This review aims to examine available evidence on cultural competence in health care settings to identify key approaches and strategies that can contribute to improving the development and implementation of Indigenous health services and programs. The objectives are to: 1. define cultural...