Komla Tsey

Journal article

The case for a Torres Strait Islander‐driven, long‐term research agenda for environment, health and wellbeing

This article proposes strategies to manage complex challenges regarding positive health for Torres Strait Islanders.
Journal article

The Aboriginal Australian Family Wellbeing Program: a historical analysis of the conditions that enabled its spread

This study examined the scaling of the Aboriginal-developed Family Wellbeing (FWB) program, that spread nationally to sixty known sites and was delivered to more than 3,500 participants.

Cultural competency in the delivery of health services for Indigenous people

Aim and objectives This review aims to examine available evidence on cultural competence in health care settings to identify key approaches and strategies that can contribute to improving the development and implementation of Indigenous health services and programs. The objectives are to: 1. define cultural...

Where do the Greens fit in election 2004?

Some say the Greens are a narrow party not made for government or even for holding the balance of power. But their base is broadening, and history shows that they're not unused to holding office, argue Nick Turnbull and Ariadne Vromen.

Does the social capital hypothesis offer hope for untrusting societies?

Academics, politicians, and commentators influenced by the idea of social capital claim that enhancing the social capital of the community can restore trust. Toby Fattore, Nick Turnbull and Shaun Wilson argue that the relationships described as trust are quite distinct, and we should not expect...