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Alastair Greig

Conference paper

Community formation and attitudes to sustainability: comparative case studies from Canberra

This paper reports on a case study on community formation and attitudes to sustainability in three Canberra suburbs, building on literature that see a strong sense of community as a necessarily element of making cities more sustainable.
Working paper

The accommodation of growth: Canberra's "growing pains" 1945-1955

This paper highlights the economic and demographic constraints which were placed on the Commonwealth Government in its role as the planner and developer of Canberra during the first decade after the Second World War.
Working paper

Home magazines and modernist dreams: designing the 1950s house

This paper examines the modem home through the medium of Australian House and Garden, and qualifies some functionalist sociological interpretations of the 'role' of home magazines and their promotion of modernism.
Working paper

Housing and social theory : testing the Fordist models OR Social theory and AfFORDable housing

Examines the coincidence between suburbanisation, mass consumption and mass production during the golden era of Fordism after the Second World War.
Working paper

The structure and organisation of housing production: a background paper and literature review

This paper provides a background on the focus and nature of the Australian housing industry and the factors affecting production costs. The paper will also review Australian and overseas literature relating to the subject.