Neil Westbury


Indigenous affairs: how we’re choosing by not choosing

While the moral imperative for making the nation’s institutions less exclusionary is unarguable, the political imperative for reform is weak or non-existent.
Policy report

Overcoming Indigenous exclusion: very hard, plenty humbug

The aim of this paper is to provide a high level and accessible overview of the policy and political forces which operate in the Indigenous policy domain.
Working paper

Population change in Port Augusta: Challenges and implications for the COAG Urban and Regional Strategy

In 2009, the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) agreed to include an Urban and Regional Strategy as part of the Indigenous Reform Agreement aimed at coordinating the delivery of services to Indigenous Australians. The main purpose of this strategy was to ensure that government agencies...

Removing the constraints

If Treasury is to play an effective role in Indigenous policy, it must focus on what's inhibiting effective government engagement, argue NEIL WESTBURY and MICHAEL DILLON.
Discussion paper

Giving credit where it's due: the delivery of banking and financial services to Indigenous Australians in rural and remote areas

Australia's financial system is undergoing a period of substantial structural change. While these changes may have had positive impacts on most consumers, they have had a number of negative impacts, particularly for low income consumers of financial services and for people located in rural and...