Jill Rutter


Managing consultants: a guide for working with consultants in government

This guide attempts to provide high-level and practical tips for those in government working with consultants, rather than offering detailed analysis of the government’s use of consultants or recommendations for reform.

Behavioural government: using behavioural science to improve how governments make decisions

Governments are increasingly using behavioural insights to design, enhance and reassess their policies and services. This report explores how this happens – and how any bias can be addressed or mitigated. To do this, this report focuses on three core activities of policymaking: noticing, deliberating...

Overcoming the barriers to tax reform

This report sets out the main barriers that stand in the way of reforming the tax system in the United Kingdom and how the government could overcome them.

Governing without ministers: Northern Ireland since the fall of the power-sharing executive

This report looks at how Northern Ireland has functioned without ministers for nearly 1000 days. It provides an analysis of the history of power-sharing, how Northern Ireland has operated since the collapse of the executive in 2017, the consequences of these arrangements, and how a...
Briefing paper

Preparing Brexit: no deal

This paper from the Institute for Government looks at what UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, will need to do in the next 94 days to prepare for a 'no deal' Brexit, and what he will have to do after 31 October if the United Kingdom...