John Minnery

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Everything old is new again

This paper uses nostalgia, and especially 'social nostalgia', as a key to exploring the impacts of changes in the caravanning landscape since the early part of the twentieth century, using the Gold Coast as a case study. It shows that whilst the caravanning landscape has...
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Flood Mitigation With and Without 'Planning': The Roles of Ideas, Interests and Institutions

Planning for the land uses in cities and planning for the hazards that impact on cities have only slowly begun to connect with one another. This paper uses historical floods in Brisbane and a framework of 'ideas, interests and institutions' to explore the range and...
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Cooperation and canals: beacons for a ‘good life’ in Queensland

The nature of what constitutes a ‘good life’, or at least a better life than that on offer, is varied and contentious. This paper focuses on two historical examples of the search for a good life in Queensland in which the mechanisms involved were the...
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Planning and retrofitting for recurrent floods

This paper deals with three aspects of flood hazards that are crucial for an understanding their interactions with land use planning.
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City governance rapporteur report

The theme of the 2005 State of Australian Cities national conference was the sustainability and vulnerability of Australian cities. Sustainability focuses on the economic, social and environmental realms as they are found in cities. Vulnerability deals with the economic, social and environmental risks facing cities...