Kristian J. Ruming

Conference paper

Persistent states: the planning and development of Sydney's fringe

Drawing on two cases of large-scale residential property development in NSW (Warnervale Town Centre and ADI-St Marys), this paper situates residential development in relation to planning trajectories in NSW and orients this form towards hybrid forms of neoliberalism.
Conference paper

Delivering sustainable renewal in Australia's middle and outer suburbs: council reflections

This paper draws on interviews with local council staff and outlines a series of issues they consider important in shaping renewal in their middle-ring suburbs.
Conference paper

Negotiating development: the interaction of formal and informal institutions in development approval in Wyong, New South Wales

This paper explores how formal and informal institutional arrangements are mobilised in unique ways to secure development approval at a greenfield release site on Sydney’s fringe: Wyong Shire.