Nicole Cook

Conference paper

Dense, urban and walkable: the lived experience of apartment dwellers in post-suburban Sydney

Urban density is commonly identified as factor that contributes to active transport, including walking, across all age groups. While a significant body of literature explores the factors that influence the likelihood of walking for commuting, leisure and or strolling, the experiences of residents in rapidly...
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Are urban development and densification patterns aligned with infrastructure funding allocation? Examining data from Melbourne 1999-2015

Densification of cities and suburbs is a contentious issue for many communities in lower-density settings. Local opposition to densification is often premised on concerns about the inadequacy of existing infrastructure to support growing populations and is strongest and most successful in wealthier neighbourhoods. While the...
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Shading liveable cities: exploring the ecological, financial and regulatory dimensions of the urban tree canopy

Trees are known for their positive impacts in cities including: the provision of shade, reducing heat island effects, improving amenity, reducing social vulnerability, processing carbon and improving health outcomes. Perhaps unsurprisingly, greening policies at the local and state level have proliferated. Despite these initiatives, tree...
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Examining three planning pathways in the mediation of resident opposition to compact city

Drawing on data collected in Melbourne, this paper synthesises the results of a research project conducted for the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) exploring the impacts of third party opposition on housing supply and participatory planning approaches in relation to higher density and...

Resident third party objections and appeals against planning applications: implications for medium density and social housing

This project examined two models of public engagement in planning approval processes—Third Party Objection and Appeal Rights (TPOAR) and fast tracked planning (e.g. used as part of approving developments funded under the Nation Building Stimulus Package)—to see how they impact on housing supply (especially higher-density...