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Cole Hendrigan

Conference paper

Dense, urban and walkable: the lived experience of apartment dwellers in post-suburban Sydney

Urban density is commonly identified as factor that contributes to active transport, including walking, across all age groups. While a significant body of literature explores the factors that influence the likelihood of walking for commuting, leisure and or strolling, the experiences of residents in rapidly...

Perth freight link: good idea, wrong port

The Perth Freight Link (PFL) has been announced as a major transport opportunity to solve the heavy goods truck problems in Perth. By taking trucks via a toll road around an extended Roe Highway, through Stock Road and Leach Highway to the Fremantle Inner Harbour...
Conference paper

Connecting transit with urban development to achieve 21st century goals for Perth

This paper imagines a Transit Oriented Region. It will imagine the region from the micro, the scale of Placemaking, to the macro of overall city structure. This paper attempts to calculate the costs and benefits a proposed expansion of the commuter rail for the Perth...