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Laura Schatz

Conference paper

Planning for population decline in an era of standardization: an analysis of plans in three declining Local Government Areas in NSW

In countries throughout the developed world, large cities are growing while hinterland communities are shrinking. The unique challenges posed by population decline require unique solutions: as shrinking cities researchers have found, superimposing growth-oriented strategies onto shrinking communities is not effective in addressing the impacts of...
Working paper

Residential involvement in urban development in Sydney: the new politics of the city

This study explores a new approach to community involvement in planning that responds to contemporary critiques of participatory planning.We conclude the report by providing an alternate pathway that might create more meaningful community participation in the planning and development of the city.
Conference paper

The balance of planning ideologies in Existing Use Rights cases at the New South Wales Land and Environment Court

This paper contributes to narrowing this gap in the literature by drawing on McAuslan’s notion of “planning ideologies” to examine the ideological conflicts inherent in progressing a planning dispute into the legal realm – that is, into an arena where the public interest nature of...
Conference paper

The influence of neoliberalism in the context of population decline: an analysis of planning strategies in Broken Hill, NSW

Using a mix of documents analysis, field observation and open-ended interviews with planners and local policy-makers, this paper uses the case study of Broken Hill, NSW to determine how neoliberalism influences planning policy and to explore the scope for acceptance of a decline-oriented planning approach.