Terence Wood

Terence Wood is a Research Fellow at the Development Policy Centre. He undertakes research on Australian and New Zealand aid (particularly the domestic political economy of aid). He also undertakes research on Melanesian politics. Terence’s PhD research focused on studying voter behaviour in the Solomon Islands. Prior to commencing PhD study, Terence worked for the New Zealand government aid program.

The 2019 Australian aid transparency audit

This report covers the 2019 Australian Aid Transparency Audit, run by the Development Policy Centre. The centre regularly audits Australian Aid Program transparency – previous audits were run in 2013 and 2016.
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A risky proposition? Australian aid loans and the Pacific

Just because other donors have struggled to lend successfully in the Pacific does not mean Australia is destined to fail. But the track record of loans in the region provides cause for caution.
Discussion paper

Samoan election results: trends and patterns 1964-2016

This paper draws on data from the new Samoa Election Results database to highlight salient features and trends in Samoa’s electoral history.
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The clientelism trap in Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea, and its impact on aid policy

Clientelism is a central feature of politics in Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea. Most voters vote in search of personalized or localized benefit, and most politicians focus on delivering benefits to their supporters at the expense of national governance. In this article, I explain...
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Aid policy and Australian public opinion

Since 2013, Australian aid has been reduced and increasingly focused on delivering benefits to Australia. Motivated by these changes, this paper fills three gaps in the existing literature on public opinion about aid. It provides the only recent detailed study of Australians' opinions about aid.