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Possible downsides to a new international development policy

Previous aid review panels have been asked to write reports to provide a foundation for the policy to follow, and it is a pity that the government hasn’t trusted this panel with a more substantive role, writes Stephen Howes.
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Australia not to hit its 5% 2020 emissions reduction target till 2030

A report released last month by the Department of the Environment and Energy shows that Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 are estimated to be just 1.6% below their 2000 level. This means that, come June, we will have missed Australia’s decade-long, bipartisan and treaty...
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Could governments learn better?

Adequately designed and implemented public policies have the power to transform economies and improve the quality of life of citizens, writes Sandra Naranjo Bautista.
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The horticulture labour shortage myth

In an era where structural aid cuts have undermined Australia’s capacity to deliver poverty reduction, there should be a more active approach to support a broader development agenda which includes migration, argues Henry Sherell.
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A risky proposition? Australian aid loans and the Pacific

Just because other donors have struggled to lend successfully in the Pacific does not mean Australia is destined to fail. But the track record of loans in the region provides cause for caution.