Robyn Keast


Giving Australia 2016: individual giving and volunteering

This is the third of five research reports from Giving Australia 2016, which provides insights on volunteering, including trends, innovations and challenges for those who are giving their time and money to a diverse number of causes.

Social procurement and new public governance

In recent years, the search for innovative, locally relevant and engaging public service has become the new philosophers’ stone. Social procurement represents one approach to maximising public spending and social value through the purchase of goods and services. It has gained increasing attention in recent...
Journal article

Taking the gamble: local and regional policy issues of access to electronic gaming machines (EGMs): A case study of Victoria, Australia

This study explores issues of accessibility as they relate to electronic gaming machine products in Victoria, focusing specifically on interactions between the location of, and demand for, EGM products
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The innovation potential of living-labs to strengthen small and medium enterprises in regional Australia

The small and medium enterprise (SME) sector has been the major source of well-being and employment opportunities in regional Australia. Consequently, fostering the innovative capacity of SMEs in regions that are struggling to grow their economies and distribute the growth fairly while not degrading the...