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Marie Crittall


Giving Australia 2016: Giving and volunteering: the nonprofit perspective

This report in the Giving Australia 2016 study explores how Australia’s Nonprofit organisations engage the community, business and philanthropic foundations. The report provides a snapshot useful to NPOs and sector funders for benchmarking and strategy. It also creates a new baseline for future research and...

Giving Australia 2016: individual giving and volunteering

This is the third of five research reports from Giving Australia 2016, which provides insights on volunteering, including trends, innovations and challenges for those who are giving their time and money to a diverse number of causes.
Working paper

An examination of tax-deductible donations made by individual Australian taxpayers in 2014–15

Australians are a generous bunch – with around 14.9 million adults (80.8%) donating $11.2 billion to charities and non-profit organisations (NPOs) over twelve months in 2015–16.

Giving Australia 2016: philanthropy and philanthropists

This first of five research reports from Giving Australia 2016 focuses on monetary giving by philanthropists and by philanthropic institutions including trusts, foundations and evolving forms of collective giving.