Psychosocial Recovery Coaching: client outcomes and experiences

Other authors
James Kelly, Perri Campbell
As part of this research project, Centre for Social Impact researchers interviewed and surveyed NDIS participants receiving Psychosocial Recovery Coaching to explore their experiences and outcomes of this service for people with psychosocial disability.

Good practice and an engaged workforce: building an effective, modern organisation for the NDIS

Other authors
Sam Crinall, Kollen Sussman
In this report, the authors draw on research findings to illustrate how effective organisation design can enable NDIS Provider organisation leaders to build an engaged workforce, deliver good services, and achieve sustainable growth.

Mental health and wellbeing in music and live performing arts survey May 2022

This research project was initiated in response to Support Act's goals of establishing a baseline for the mental health and wellbeing of people working in the music and live performing arts sectors in 2022. The Centre for Social Impact was engaged to conduct this research...
Briefing paper

Recovery for all: investing in social, digital and financial inclusion

The authors of this paper argue that the COVID-19 recovery provides an opportunity to support social, financial and digital inclusion.

Social security and stigma in Australia

This report provides an analysis of the available evidence on how Australia’s social security system supports people who are unable to work (or unable to secure adequate income through work) due to their experience of mental ill-health, or caring for someone with mental ill-health.