Margaret Simons


The nature of the editorial deficit

This project sought to shed light on the nature of the editorial deficit in different kinds of Australian newsrooms, and to gain insight into how editors and newsroom managers would deploy additional journalistic resources, should they become available.

High stakes, high price

The huge numbers of international students are unprecedented in the history of Australian tertiary education. We are educating swathes of the Chinese middle class at a time of geopolitical tension.

Consumer watchdog: journalism is in crisis and only more public funding can help

The ACCC Digital Platforms Report recommends several ways to revive journalism in the social media age, including A$50m in direct grants to local news services.

Availability of local news and information

This paper seeks to draw together what is known about the quantum of local news journalism in the regions of Australia and how this is changing, as well as making an original contribution to this knowledge. It is a consolidation of information gleaned from government...

The ACCC's plan to reshape the media landscape

The ACCC has signalled its intention to work with the OECD and other international agencies to kickstart an international law-making effort to regulate Google, Facebook and their successors.