Xin Gu

Journal article

Makerspaces and urban ideology: the institutional shaping of fab labs in China and Northern Ireland

Makerspaces—specifically those with a focus on digital fabrication and physical computing—are emerging as symbols of social and economic change in many cultures. This paper argues that processes of institutionalisation within these makerspaces are shaped by the specific urban ideologies they are bound to.
Journal article

A new modernity? The arrival of ‘creative industries’ in China

This article looks at the arrival of ‘creative industries’ within mainstream policy discourse in China.
Conference paper

Making places: creativity, craft and manufacture in Shanghai

From the 1980s European and North American cities engaged in a process of ‘urban regeneration’ involving the displacement of manufacturing by finance, insurance and real estate (FIRE), cultural and creative industries, and tourism. Henceforth developed economies would produce ‘creative’ or ‘knowledge’ intensive services and developing...