Yan Liu

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Neighbourhood change and neighbour relations: how gentrification and densification influence the prevalence of problems between neighbours

In academic research, neighbour relationships are generally viewed as either absent – having been gradually eroded by processes of mobility and privatisation – or as positive in the way they engender greater levels of community resilience, neighbourhood attachment and reduced fear of crime. Yet, less...
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Factors influencing public transport use: a study of university commuters' travel and mode choice behaviours

This study examines travel patterns and identifies factors that influence commuters’ choice of travel mode, using web-based surveys conducted in two consecutive years of 2013 and 2014 in the University of Queensland (UQ).
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An exploratory analysis of Bus Rapid Transit on property values: a case study of Brisbane's South East Busway

Drawing on the South East Busway (SEB) in Brisbane, Queensland, a full-featured bus rapid transit (BRT) network in Australia as a case study, this paper explores the impact of BRT on residential property values and how this varies spatially.
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Mapping the 'mis-location' of private rental tenure in Australian housing market: A case study of Brisbane, Australia

Using Brisbane as a case study, this paper undertakes neighbourhood scale mapping and uses cross-sectional approaches to address critical gaps in the understanding of spatial rent mismatch in socioeconomically disadvantaged areas.
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An exploratory analysis of Brisbane's commuter travel patterns using smart card data

By using five weekdays of passenger travel transaction data taken from go card – Southeast Queensland’s transit smart card – this paper analyses the spatiotemporal distribution of passenger movement with regard to the land use patterns in Brisbane.