Susan Harris Rimmer

Discussion paper

Fresh perspectives in security

This series was created to improve the conversation and engagement between academic and policy communities. It also aims to draw attention to the most significant strategic questions facing Australia and the Asia-Pacific.

Next government must find Australia’s place in a turbulent and rapidly changing world

Whoever forms the next government should increase investment in foreign affairs and trade, finding ways to make Australia more prominent in global dispute resolution.

New frontiers in gender-responsive governance: five years of the W20

After five years of the W20, women and gender equality remain at the margin of the G20. There is a real risk of the W20 representing a one-off territorial gain at a frontier that could easily be pushed back again.

State of the neighbourhood: 2018

This publication offers fresh perspectives on the key issues affecting Australia and it's neighbourhood. The objective in publishing this collection is to share research insights and encourage informed community debate on Australia's engagement in the Asia Pacific.

With Bishop gone, Morrison and Payne face significant challenges on foreign policy

Many foreign policy experts have been distraught by the damage done to Australia’s international reputation by our disruptive leqadership spills, and how external messaging on good governance will be undermined.